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Baldwin, D. V. (1983). Neonatal mother-infant interaction in pigtailed macaques (Macaca nemestrina) differing in maternal parity and reproductive risk. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Washington). Dissertation Abstracts International, 1984, 44(11), p. 3549B. (University Microfilms no. 84-04,882.)

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Winters, J. J. & Baldwin, D. V. (1971). Development of two- and three-dimensional size constancy under restricted cue conditions. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 88, 113-118.  doi: 10.1037/h0030701

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Book Chapters

Sackett, G. P., Gunderson, V. M. & Baldwin, D. V. (1982). Studying the ontogeny of primate behavior. In J. Fobes & J. King (Eds.), Primate Behavior, pp. 135-169. New York City: Academic Press.

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Book Reviews

Sackett, G. P. & Baldwin, D. V. (1984). Comparative psychological pathology: A human model of primate abusive behavior. [Review of Child Abuse: the nonhuman primate data (Martin Reite & Nancy Caine, Eds.)]. Contemporary Psychology, 29, 781-782.

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