Trauma Support

Many of you may know someone who has experienced a traumatic event, or perhaps are yourselves victims of trauma or a disaster.

The support links on this page are primarily for those seeking information about types of trauma, trauma responses, ways of coping with stress, treatment approaches, and related mental health issues. More research-related trauma links are listed elsewhere on this site. This can be a tricky distinction, so please explore those other pages as well.

About Trauma

APA Topics: Trauma
American Psychological Association webpage offers information on emotional trauma.

TopTypes of Trauma

TopTrauma-Focused Treatments

TopTrauma-Related Support

Wounded Healer Journal
An uplifting support community for people who have experienced trauma or abuse...
PTSD Support Services
This site covers recognition, religious/spiritual alienation, isolation, anger, depression & living with someone with PTSD.
Coping with Causing a Serious Accident
This website offers support: "We honor those we accidentally killed or injured by becoming better people in their memory."
Patience Press
Patience Mason's newsletter articles provide a healing perspective for survivors, families, friends, and therapists.
Psychological Self-Help
Full text of a 15 chapter book by Clayton Tucker-Ladd; includes chapter on stress and anxiety.
Self-Help Starts Here
Another free e-book: Hans Glint's life planning workbook offers an objective look at your life, ideas & possibilities.
Focusing on the Emotions of Daily Life
An online self-help guide book, by Ilan Shalif, PhD, encourages focused attention on emotions.
Self Help & Psychology Magazine: Articles
Wide ranging collection of online articles on mental health topics.
Bastard Nation
Website and organization involved in adoptee rights and the consequences of late discovery adoption.
RAINN: Rape, Abuse, Incest National Netowork
A national hotline and rape crisis center referral service for victims of sexual assault.
Survivors Art Foundation
A nonprofit oganization to promote healing and well-being of trauma survivors trhough the arts.
Therapy Dogs & Animal Assisted Therapy
Collection of links to sites focused on pet facillitated therapy, recreational pet visits, animal assisted activities, etc.
  • Trauma-Related Organizations

    The ChildTrauma Academy Programs
    Bruce Perry's site is dedicated to clinical, research and legal approaches to solving problems of childhood trauma.
    EMDR International Association
    There is information here about training in EMDR, non-profit legal issues, and the benefits of EMDRIA membership.
    Instititute for Research in Metapsychology Home Page
    This web site contains information about the Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) educational approach to trauma work.
    Anesthesia Awareness Campaign
    This organization's mission is to prevent patients from experiencing intra-operative awareness (awake during surgery) and its consequences.
    Gift from Within
    The web page of a national charity for survivors of trauma and victimization; includes several articles by Frank Ochberg.
    Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma
    Another Israeli psychological trauma center, offering support and treatment following a variety of traumas.
    Community Connections
    Community Connnections, a non-profit in Washington DC, offers clinical programs, residential & supportive services.
    Sidran Foundation
    Sidran's resources page lists several detailed brochures, available books, and links to other trauma resources.
  • Research Participation

    Psychological Research on the Net
    This APS site maintains a listing of a wide range of online psychological studies; only some of these are clinical research.
    Clinical Trials in PTSD
    This site describes the selection criteria of current research projects seeking patients with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

TopRelated Issues

Overcoming Pain
Mark Grant's Australian site offers advice & help about pain managment for clinicians and patients.
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
ATSA is focused on prevention of sexual abuse through effective management of sex offenders.

TopRelated Disorders

Note: This section links to sites focused on various disorders that may sometimes be related to trauma history, traumatic experiences, or otherwise associated with PTSD.


Narrative Approaches
Website focusing on Michael White's Narrative Therapy approach, including workshops and links.

TopMental Health Information

Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Page
An interesting collection of original text and links focused on abuse, trauma, and related mental health issues.
Internet Mental Health
Dr. Phillip Long's outstanding site links to sites with information relating to all mental health issues.
Self-Help Sourcebook
An online guide helps you explore existing real-world support groups, or to start one yourself.
Forum for Independent Psychotherapists
Site where psychoanalytic psychotherapists with different orientations can meet to critically examine clinical and theoretical issues.
Mental Help Net
Extensive mental health information, both professional & self-help (web sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, search, etc.).
At Health
Well-designed Seattle-area website focuses on mental health topics, resources, and professionals.
  • Audio-Visual Resources

    Audio-Digest Foundation
    Audio-Digest has offered continuing medical education on audio tape for over four decades.
    Cavalcade Productions
    Cavalcade produces clinical training videos for mental health professionals, focusing on trauma issues.
    Sounds True
    Sounds True publishes original spoken-word audio, instructional video, and sacred world music.
    Emmett Miller Tapes
    A series of audio tapes by Dr Emmett Miller, available from Source Tapes in California.
    Nancy Hopps Tapes & CDs
    From this site, Nancy Hopps offers a series of audio tapes or CDs for relaxing into health.
    Somatic Resourcing CDs
    Transformative Productions offers two somatic resourcing CDs for increasing self awareness and self soothing.
    David Illig Tapes
    Self hypnosis and subliminal tapes and CDs by Dr David Illig.
    Centerpointe sells "Holosync" audio tapes and CDs, to aid relaxation and meditation.

TopMental Health Advocacy

World Health Report: Mental Health
WHO's annual report emphasizes that mental health is crucial to the overall well-being of individuals, communities, and societies.
Danvers State Hospital
A hard-hitting shockwave movie illustrates mental health treatment at Danvers & raises questions about deinstitutionalization.
National Standards to Protect the Privacy of Personal Health Information
HIPPA regulations covering privacy of health information and patient records, with additional HHS guidance on compliance.
Center for the Advancing Health
CFAH seeks to put behavioral research and policy to work in standard health care practice.
Health Administration Responsibility Project
HARP is a resource for those seeking to establish managed care organizations' liability for decisions limiting care.
National Association to Protect Children: PROTECT
PROTECT is committed to protecting children from abuse, exploitation & neglect.
Parents of Murdered Children
POMC's site provides support & assistance to all survivors of homicide victims, while working to create a world free of murder.
Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice & the Media
A non-profit professional organization advocating for child and adult survivors of childhood maltreatment.
False Memory Syndrome Facts
Linda Chapman offers information in scientific analysis, clinical practice, legal, philosophy, media, and organizations.
13 Things Your Health Insurer Doesn't Want You to Know
Online article by Vicki Lankarge covers several important topics that may not be included in your insurance policy...
Insurance Departments For All 50 States
For complaints: a list of address, phone numbers & websites (if available) for all state insurance commissions.