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Below, you'll find a selected list of current and classic books on emotional trauma, PTSD, disaster mental health, and related issues. New releases are shown first, but all recommended texts are categorized and selected to be of interest to professionals (e.g., clinicians, researchers, teachers, or librarians), university students, and the public (especially survivors, and their families or friends). Many items show reader reviews or let you "look inside" to read sample excerpts.  [In a few months, each newer book that has sold particularly well from this site will be marked as a "Best Seller".] 

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New Releases & Other Recommendations

New releases have been published within the last year or so. These recent publications may be of interest to professionals (clinicians, researchers, or graduate students) or the general public. Books in the new release lists will migrate to the more specific categories below, in time. As books are listed only once, please check various categories to find appropriate books.

for Professionals

for Survivors & General Public

Recommended Books - for Clinicians

THe older books in these sections have a clinical focus, further described by topic. Clinical students or researchers studying assessment or clinical approaches in the trauma field, as well as practicing therapists, may find these volumes invaluable.

Assessment, Testing & Diagnosis

Specific Types of Trauma (Adults)

Child Trauma

About Trauma or PTSD

General Treatment Considerations

Trauma Treatment (See Also: EMDR and Somatic Approaches, below)

Biofeedback Equipment: Monitoring or Training Physiology

EMDR / Eye Movement Desensitization

Somatic Psychotherapy Approaches

"Energy" & other New Approaches

Secondary Trauma

Associated Disorders

Clinical Ethics & Legal Issues

Recommended Books - for Researchers

Books in these sections primarily have a research or theoretical focus, and may be of particular interest for students, faculty or researchers  studying basic aspects of trauma responses (such as emotions) - as well as clinicians seeking detailed scientific or biological information about trauma responses.

Research Issues & Statistical Methods

Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurobiology

EEG: Central & Peripheral Biofeedback

PNI: Psycho-Neuro-Immunology

Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science

Cultural / Historical Aspects (includes Terrorism)

The Classics & Reference

If you're looking for something that's unavailable at, you might search for hard-to-find or out-of print books at ABE Book Exchange, Alibris, or at BookFinder - or search Powell's Books for a used copy. You can also search for new and used textbooks here. If the book was published in England, try Blackwells. A mix of older publications - some are clincial and others more academic. Although several of these texts may be out of print, they continue to have importance in the trauma field today. Google Book Search

Recommended Books - for Survivors and Friends

Books written for the general public - of particular interest to trauma survivors, family, or friends. Some describe trauma responses and healing in general terms; others focus on particular types of trauma (e.g., divorce). Clinicians may want to consider some of these books (or selected chapters) as readings for clients or as adjuncts to therapy.

Divorce & Relationships

Child Trauma

Parenting, Children & Child Development

Grief & Loss (includes: Severe Illness; Death of Child or Parent)

Finding Somatic Approaches / Getting into your Body

"Self Help" Books: Trauma & Dissociation

"Self Help" Books: Other


Police, Veterans & Combat Trauma

Disaster & Community Mental Health Books

Books listed here focus on disaster mental health including community-wide responses to large scale disasters, whether natural or man-made. This section combines texts written for both professional audiences and the public (i.e., disaster victims).